Logan Venderlic

by Logan Venderlic

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released 17 April 2012

Logan Venderlic: Guitars, Vocals, Percussion, Mellotron, Piano, Harmonica
Nick Vandenberg: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Drums, Mellotron, Trumpet
Micah Carli: Guitars, Percussion, Steel Guitar
Paul Shuler: Drums, Percussion
MegHan Watkins: Vocals

Produced by: Nick Vandenberg, Micah Carli, LoganVenderlic
Mixed by: Nick Vandenberg
Engineered by:
Nick Vandenberg at Dapper Napper Studio, Lawrence, MA
Micah Carli at Popside Recording Studio, Troy, OH
Mastered by: Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice




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Logan Venderlic Arvilla, West Virginia

Sprung from the hills of rural West Virginia, Logan Venderlic weaves his own brand of modern, indie-infused hooks and applies it to contemporary Appalachian folk, dubbing the creation “Folk Wave.”

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Track Name: Glasses
With the wind at my back and a lucid brain
And the ink from my pen surging through my veins
Forged from the shadows of a barren land
Hot off the fire of the Maker’s Hand

Well the late, great sky now cannot be seen
And the Earth, cast away down below my feet
But it soon splits up in a couple parts
My trembling chest can’t control my heart

And if all you’ve ever known
Was this blurred outline
Until someone comes along
And puts glasses on your eyes
You catch sight of the world
For the first time

Would submit from my side every rib and bone
If it meant that I wouldn’t be all alone
‘Cause after all, my prayers suffer from neglect
Standing at the Compass Rose intersect

Spent my youth in school learning to read Braille
I heard a stumbling buzz and the windows failed
You salvaged me with a dancer’s grace
And lifted the veil from the world’s face
Track Name: Great Water
Set atop the hill we’re standing
Is the only taste of death
A tired, starless cannon
On the tongue of St. Joseph

So we’re skipping down the staircase
And sliding ‘cross the rails
Into Silver Beach’s embrace
With our blankets and our pails

Salt-less water fabricates my bed
And at the foot, sheet of white swell and ebb
Pacify the torments in my head

To the left are fountains dancing
With a carousel, crosswise
Like a party Gatz was planning
For Ms. Buchanan’s eyes

So with a surge of schoolboy spirit
I’m searching through the sun
For the light at the great pier’s end
Stained with viridian

Brother heard the beach was dirty
Looks clean enough for me
All I know is my feet are burning
And her waves are beckoning
Track Name: Me, Me, Me
Who's gonna steal away with you from this town
When duty and debt call, but we're not around?
And who's gonna be the one who makes you feel free?
Only me, me, me

And who's gonna talk with you under the stars
'Til the ghosts go away and they close down the bars?
Who's gonna still be there with the sun in the East?
Only me, me, me

Chorus One:
The world's full of luminous thespians
How silver-tongued and pretty are they?
But soon their façade, like a man made of straw
Will collapse in a tattered display

Who's gonna harbor your hesitant thoughts
About things like politics, religion, and God?
'Cause who's gonna know you to the greatest degree?
Only me, me, me

Chorus Two:
The world's full of numerous gentlemen
How privileged and pretty are they?
But soon you'll discover one's just like the other
Much to your dreaded dismay

Who's gonna hold you when your world falls apart?
Write song after song, merely to mend your heart?
And who's gonna love you (even though you're kinda crazy)?
Only me, me, me
Only me, me, me
Track Name: A Walk With A Girl
Up from the underground
Two Boots, we’re hungry now
The streets here remind me of home

They angle and turn around
Pirouette, straighten out
Midtown’s Bohemian beau

Vinyl and vintage tees
Yesterday’s memories
Lament the decay of a cause

Try to reclaim belief
Wandering Bleecker Street
Imagine the way that it was

Julia, don’t let my confidence fool ya
I’m just as nervous
I hope holding hands will preserve us

(Because) Yesterday is gone now
Time to find tomorrow
Wake up from your dreamin’
Wipe away your sorrow

Chelsea’s a diamond ring
Charming and everything
With castles I’ll never afford

Then on to 20th Street
Where secrets they used to keep
Turned into gallery wards
Track Name: Travelin' Tooth Operators
Well, Biff got the call in the morning
So, we packed up our things to go
Down to some single wide in Green Valley
At the end of an old dirt road
Just Biff and me, travelin’ tooth operators

When we got there, a cold night had fallen
A dim lantern burned on the stoop
Mama was taking care of her darlins
Filling their bottles with Mountain Dew
She said, “Who are you?”
And I said, “Ma’am, I’m your fixer.”

On three, pull your teeth
They’re rotten to the roots
And there ain’t no need to keep ‘em
So hush, now, open your mouth
I’mma put the pliers in
And then you’re gonna howl!

Well, when Biff finally stopped up her bleeding
He asked, “How can you pay for this, ma’am?”
Well, she opened a tin on her nightstand
Tendered seven, 80-milligrams
Me and Biff split quick
Said, “You can pay me later!”
Track Name: Blue Pills/Red Cups
Just below my bedroom
There’s a fortress where she sleeps
The rent is paid on daddy’s dime
He lets her stay for free
Six years endured in college
‘Cause that’s where she’s supposed to be
Six years, but she’s no closer now than then
To getting her degree

All we need to have fun
Are blue pills and red cups
So let go and love someone

Campus is so boring
So she doesn’t waste her time
Anxiously awaiting
The new weekend to arrive
Her friends are coming over
And they’re dressed up to the nines
With inhibitions set at a new low
They’re gonna get high
Track Name: Soul of a Cynic
What a dark and lonely view
When you come to find the truth
That the love they swore would find you
You’ll never fall into

‘Cause I’ll never be your Harry
We’ll grow up, we won’t get married
Even if we did, you’d eventually
Just get bored with me

(Shoop, shoop, shoop)

How malevolent and mean
The projection on the screen
Charming boys throwing rocks up at windows
In a callow plea

And it always comes to you
As if some infallible truth
So you set your bar high, fold your arms
And just wait for your due

You ask for more than I can give to you
Elysium, but I can’t follow through
A run-time, 90-minute romance
I can see we don’t stand a chance

Recollect the time we spent
Spelling out to the camera lens
All the clever plots devised for troubled
We’d circumvent

So just look at our new state
So the dawn goes down to day
Anymore, I talk too much
And you just don’t know what to say

(Shoop, shoop, shoop)
Track Name: Baccalaureate
Well the preacher-man looked down on us from the Plains of Mamre
A raucous cast of sorcerers, criminals, and thieves
And up above the balcony was a flag to designate
The graduating class, 2008

Anticipation brimmed when he drew up his right hand
And spewing out from his mouth came noise and command
You know Ol’ Jonny Edwards would’ve smiled in his grave
If he heard the sermon that the preacher gave

When he said:

I don’t know if you know this
But there is a hell
And it is just so
That you’re all headed there
You’d better heed my advice
You’d better shape up, son
(So) Good luck

Well the silence fell upon us all down in the abyss
The preacher levied judgment with his gavel of a fist
We were all a bunch of savages who needed to be saved
And he was more than willing to cooperate

Out of nowhere there was a great awakening in us
Our eyes were opened up to our gluttony and lust
There were shouts of “Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa!” from the stands
(So) Share the love, the Kingdom of God is at hand!
Track Name: Six Theses
I’m selfish, I’m scared, and I’m weak
I’m the bystander there on the street
While the riots around me will rage
I curl up, hoping I won’t be seen

I’ve got friend after friend there for me
But I keep most of them at arm’s length
While I’m busy disporting charades
A space in my soul’s left empty

I’m terrified to define how I feel
What if I create a wound that cannot heal?
While my tongue faithfully remains mute
I smile, while inside I just squeal

I’m becoming now, the hypocrite
I never thought this impression I’d fit
While demon tailor me a suit
To pressures of this world, I submit

If I take the next step
Will this world still exist?
Innocence and ignorance
Might truly be bliss

I perceive all your hopes weigh a ton
So I play like a chameleon
While I build up a mountain of praise
I’m estranged by my own reflection

I assume I’m holy and divine
Much more sophisticated and refined
While delusional, I spend my days
Crawling and falling in line
Track Name: Jerkwater Town
I’m from a town, a Jerkwater Town
Built up and used and then tossed to the ground
Spinning and spinning, surrounded by steeples
Almost as many churches as people

Where children are born, but they’re going nowhere
Just waiting to die from the chemical air
And every day, hear how smoothly it flows?
A fine propaganda from the radio

As a punk-kid, I wanted away
Away from here
Fill my canteen and
Pack my knapsack
But I could never stay away
For too long
Mother Mountain keeps calling me back
She’s calling me back

I’m from a state, a suffering state
So many people working hard in vain
Starved for an anthem, ‘til Denver came on
So we just ignore the details he got wrong

Walk with me until we reach
The sign that reads: Private Property
Well the back side is untouched
And that side’s for us
That side’s for us

(Well) To see desolation, no need to cross seas
Sweet Mother America’s Middle East
A little white cross on the interstate
People pass by, an anonymous heartbreak